Maui Yoga And Meditation Retreat Center

Prior to opening the new state of the art Yoga and Meditation Studio (The Banyan Retreat) was already ideally suited for groups and retreats. Maui’s upcountry Banyan Retreat is on 2.1 beautifully landscaped acres. There are 8 bedrooms with private bathrooms on the premises. The 50 ft. saltwater swimming pool and jacuzzi are perfect for relaxing between group functions. The expansive and beautiful grounds provide an abundance of open group spaces as well as many more secluded areas. All rooms have internet WIFI. In addition to 4 unique and comfortable cottages, the 3,000 sq. ft., 3 bedroom Plantation House has a full restaurant quality kitchen, spacious living and dining rooms and an enclosed lanai/game room.

In May of 2008 a beautiful 700 sq. ft. yoga and meditation studio, complete with yoga props and a full audio and video systems was completed. This even made the Banyan Retreat Center a premier location to host all moderately sized group events on the island of Maui.

The Banyan Retreat Center has an excellent island location from which to explore Maui. It is just outside of the “upcountry” town of Makawao, less than 10 minutes from Paia and the North shore beaches. The primary airport at Kahului (OGG) is about 20 minutes away. The summit of Haleakala National Park is about an hour up the mountain. The towns of Haiku, Pukalani, Kula and Paia are all close by.

The completion of the yoga and meditation studio was heartily welcomed by those groups who had already reserved the Banyan Retreat for their events, during this fall and early next year.

Close, yet wonderfully removed from Maui’s hotel / resort beachfront crowds, the Banyan Retreat simply overflows with peace and Hawaii-ana. Giant banyan, monkeypod and jacaranda trees create a peaceful, shady oasis amidst the fruit trees, flowers and sunny, wide open lawns. Several swings and hammocks hang from the trees offering comfortably secluded private places around the property.

Of the 7 rental units available at the Banyan Retreat 3 of these are in the 3 bedroom Plantation House. These bedroom/suites can be rented separately as suites or together as a single unit house. The house can also be arranged as a two bedroom unit or a 4 bedroom house!

The four cottages each have their own personalities. Hibiscus Cottage is a sunny, large open room with two queen size beds, comfortable couch and chairs, dining table and kitchenette, bathroom with bathtub. Gardenia has a full kitchen, with a private back lanai, one queen and one single bed, dining table, couch and a bathtub in the private bathroom. Ginger cottage is the largest and best equipped cottage, designed and built for a handicapped individual and their caregiver Ginger cottage has two separate bedrooms, two bathrooms, two entrances a large open living room, heating and air conditioning, kitchen and all wheelchair accessible with extra wide door and passageways. Plumeria cottage has one queen and one full sized bed, kitchen and private bathroom.

Upcountry Maui is often a surprise to first time Maui visitors. Usually sunny, upcountry also will receive a few minutes of cooling showers most days. The resulting pleasant freshness of upcountry Maui is a secret you’ll be pleased to have discovered.

Stretching from Haiku through Makawao and Pukalani to Kula, Maui’s Upcountry is a quieter and more temperate side of island life. The unique blend of old time Hawaii weaves through the Pineapple plantations, sprawling ranches and forests that make up the landscape of Upcountry Maui.

The island of Maui is subject to the usual Pacific island weather which creates a wet (windward) side of the island and a drier (leeward) side. Haiku to Hana is considered the wet side while Kahului, Kihei to Lahaina are all on the dry side. The town of Makawao sits squarely on the transitional line between the two zones. Not only does this create an ideal climate of mostly sunshine with occasional scattered showers but it is also the stage for daily rainbow displays, double rainbows are a common occurrence.

Spring through the fall are special times for upcountry Maui as this is when the flowering trees such as the outrageously showy shower trees, the blue blossomed Jacaranda trees, the red Royal Poinciana, Plumeria in its various colors are the stars of the show while African Tulip, Monkeypod, Banyan, purple flowered Chinese Orchid trees and many others adorn the panoramic ocean views. On a backdrop of rolling green, open pastures the summer and fall months are a photogenic dream you’ll want to take advantage of.

What is International Law and how is it Practiced for our Benefit

International law as it states is practiced by attorneys all over the world, hence the term International Law. This practice of law is actually complex as you have to have an understanding and knowledge of the countries and its peoples you are representing and their different treaties and legislation which governs the sovereign rights of the different nations. The complexities that this type of order entails are different from the application of regular law.

Legal minds who practice International Law answer to the International Court of Justice which is governed and administrated by the United Nations, who is the sole authority. Lawyers who are a signatory to this type of order need to be able to argue within the various complexities of the different customs and laws that govern each country. This is considered one of the most complex types of law there is.

Arbitration or settling a dispute between two entities or countries is usually what an international lawyer does. The case of any international company that are doing business together and any legal matter arises, then an international lawyer is used to iron out all the wrinkles to ensure a smooth flow of matters take place.

People who practice international law are always if not bilingual. They are usually multi cultural and have been living and working in various countries. This will make them have gained a lot of experiences overtime to make them good at what they do and know. Having the experience, they will be able to represent you on various cases, such as, a criminal defense, property law, trade between countries, help in business negotiations, family law and bankruptcy cases. The diversion varies and so it is important that they know what they are doing and be able to approach your case quite professionally. This means you choose the international lawyer who has the better experience for your situation.

We have come into the reality of living in a global market place, and the world has shrunken to such a small size that because of commerce and expansion of various businesses and the frequent travels of many people, there is a need at any time for the expertise of an international lawyer. The contracting of one is actually simple. There is an International Law Firm Association, which is able to connect you to whomever, has the capabilities to deal with your specific situation. Never believe you are alone. Help is just a click or a phone call away.

Steps to Taking Care of Your Best Friend, Your New Kitten

Cats are one of the easiest animals to take care of. They are less work than a dog. Most people who are animal lovers will tell you that the easiest pets to have are cats. They are very loving and affectionate, and they will adapt to the personality of their owners.

So you are getting a pet kitten. One of the first things you need to do is locate a spot for the litter box. They like their privacy when doing their business. When you have located the spot, then you can go shopping for the things you will need. You will need kitty litter, a container for the litter, preferably a washable container. You will need two bowls, one for food and the other for water. They drink a lot. The bowls must also be easy to wash. They do not like dirty, eating containers so it must be washed often. You will need toys for your new kitten. This will keep them occupied and not use your shoe, furniture or carpet as toys.

Using the litter box is not a chore; they do not need to be trained. Their instincts will send them to the box when they need to go. All you will need to do is put some of their poop in the litter box; let them smell the area, and they are good to go. Feed them as the instructions indicate on the package of food according to the age of the kitten. Some people who are work out owners of kittens prefer to leave an amount of food for them when they go to work. They will also leave adequate amounts of water out for the same reason.

Grooming your kitten is important. This will help to cut down on the amount to shedding on your furniture, and will give you a chance to bond with your new friend. The kitten will be shy the first few days he or she arrives at home, so give them some time to come around.

If you are getting your new kitten from the pet store, be sure you get one who is spayed or neutered. They will be more docile and house bound if they will be staying inside. If not fixed, then you will be in for a job caring for lots of babies. Having the kitten checked by a vet is important to ensure there are no diseases. They can be infected by diseases which are easily transferred to humans.

How to become a Male Model

There are many ways for a male to become a model!
The most lucrative yet hardest way is to become a high fashion model. Most male high fashion models are between 5’11” to 6’3” tall, they are extremely well built without being overly muscular. The normal chest size is 40-44 inches, waist size of 30-34 inches and inseam of 32-34 inches.
The age range of a male high fashion model is 16-30 years old. They normally possess a strong chiseled face but sometimes a softer almost boyish look is also marketable. A High fashion model does print work, runway and sometimes commercials.
The next step unless you live in the largest cities in the world would be to get a modeling agent who has a proven track record of booking high fashion models in their local market. You then can build a portfolio with a variety of photos and tear sheets of the work you have done.
Once you become established in your local market, a great local agent can then shop you to the reputable and busy National Agencies. Most good high fashion models can make money in smaller markets but it is limited. To make $100,000 a year or more you will have to work in the Major modeling markets in the USA, Europe, Asia and a few other Countries.
If you do not have an agent you can always submit a photo to the large market agencies. This is a tough way to get discovered because they usually receive many submissions. If you are planning a trip to a large market many of the agencies have a day they see new faces. You may be able to see a few different agencies in the same day with luck and planning.
The second way to become a working male model is to work as a lifestyle, catalog or commercial type model. The good news is most cities with a population of 400,000 or more have some fairly consistent work in one or more of these areas. Often there are not as many restrictions for this type of modeling.
It ranges from really expressive fun cute kids, teens and young adults, to 25 -60 year old business looking people or character faces then to healthy looking seniors. Usually the work is not as consistent but this work is much more available in smaller markets. Most people are only able to do this as a part time job.
A good model booking this kind of work can make $50-$300 per hour once they are established. It does not matter your age but generally adults work more than youth. Once a model is established with a company or photographer they will often receive multiple booking from the client because they have developed a professional working relationship.
The Agency I own the Craze Agency works mostly in Utah, Idaho, Colorado Washington, Nevada and Wyoming. Our models book 90% of the more commercial oriented jobs and in our markets the pays is about the same as high fashion modeling jobs. A successful model must also be very outgoing, fun to work with, on time and take great direction. The models that possess these qualities work most consistently.